Rule with an Iron Hand – A Video Post

Ironman Hand
Stay tuned. Articles coming in 2009. Just kidding. No company or blog in their right mind would wait till 2009 before releasing new stuff. :-). Coming soon Bonsai and Zoho. Bonzoho! 🙂


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Palm – It’s been a long time but …

Hello, readers. I want you to know that what may have already been obvious to you. I have been on a vacation from this site. The time away has proved useful and I am very excited about what it will allow me to share with you. I still have a Palm TX in a double holster with my iPhone but being a Palm blogger nowadays is like being a realtor selling a house for market value.

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Game, Set, and Match!?!

Please be aware this is purely proof of concept and not an actual product from Styletap. It is running on an ipod touch and could just turn the handheld world upside down.

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GTD Bonsai Outline Online. Palm Org 1 Year Old

Here is the demo showing how to manage your GTD  Bonsai Template online. There is more to come. I will soon be distributing the instructions on how this is done. All done through a simple hotsync. Visit my GTD Bonsai Tab to join and be kept up to date on the newest and latest developments.

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Bonsai GTD System. Click here and Scroll down
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Update: 8/21/2007-No Desktop! No Problem! PDB Version now available for Palm Only Users. Just request it.

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Palm’s Unique Strength Still Strong

Writing on the sceen Palm’s unique strength can’t be beat. You will always find the 2 sides of debate when it comes to paper vs digital. It will probably remain so for years to come. However, there is not much talk when it comes to stylus capable and finger focused touch screens. It is almost like it has become really easy to marginalize the sheer genius of having a digital device that can mirror pen & paper. One thing that is for sure is that the iPhone is not designed for the stylus and therefore more adamantly distances itself from those who lean towards pen & paper. People who use a Palm and a program like Diddlebug don’t have to end their natural use of a pen like device. I think I can very confidently say that anyone who uses an iPhone still uses pen or pencil for something and would not substitute that for using their fingers. If Palm doesn’t do away with graffiti and adds touch screen to the mix they may very well appeal to a broader audience than those who have to deal with devices that eliminate the natural feeling of a writing utensil altogether.

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Apple’s Secret Plan to Top Palm – My Editorial

Apple OrangeI think I have figured out Apple’s secret plan to topple Palm. It is really simple once you look at all the facts. In order for Apple to succeed they needed to get Palm to do certain things.

  • Get them to delay updating their OS for several years while you create ipods and itunes.
  • Have Palm end partnerships with hardware manufacturers like Garmin, Symbol, and Sony
  • Kill off their handhelds like the Lifedrive and make sure the TX does not get updated.
  • (more…)

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